Introducing 10 Steps to a Nature Garden

Let's make it easy to help nature thrive in your garden

Do you want to create a garden rich in nature and kind to the planet? A garden that both you and wildlife love to be in?

Are you unsure what to do, how to make it look inspiring, or where to start?

How do you know which plants will work best or how to plant them properly? Or which wildlife features are the most important?

How can you get your garden in balance, managing pests and diseases in harmony with nature? Or put all the ideas together in a way that works properly and looks and feels inspiring?

How do you do it all without spending a fortune or with limited time? And how do you do all of that without getting overwhelmed?
flowering climbers over a garden arch

We'll break it down, with expert advice and simple guidance

In just 10 straightforward, self-paced modules, you'll be able to...

... create the best features and habitats for a thriving Nature Garden

... find the plants of all shapes, sizes and colours that serve nature and create beauty for you

... work with nature to manage pests and disease, build living soil and create wonderful composts

... know what nature needs and how you can provide it ways that are kind to the planet

... learn the design tricks to create a beautiful garden that looks and feels inspiring

... an "If you do one thing" option in every module, to make getting started to quick and easy

What people say about the Nature Garden course

'10 steps to a Nature Garden' includes,

  • Video lessons

    Friendly, informative videos walking you through every step of the course

  • Ebooks and guides

    Detailed guides, calendars, templates, plant lists and more, all yours to keep

  • Access to the 'Patch Pals' Learning community

    Membership of the "Patch Pals" online learning community, where you can ask questions, discuss topics and share ideas

  • Webinars

    Regular live Q&A webinars to meet the course leaders and other participants

  • Learn when it suits you

    Access the course lessons, resources and online community whenever it suits you, and take the course at whatever pace you like, with no time limit on when to complete it.

Your Patch of the Planet tutors

Meet Dina and Neil

We've been working with and for nature for decades. Together we run Patch of the Planet - a project to reimagine gardens for people and planet. We've designed over fifty wildlife gardens across England and Wales and trained huge numbers in how to do the same.

We created Patch of the Planet because we think gardens should work for people, for wildlife and for the planet as a whole. We want every garden to be a thriving patch of the planet, bringing people and nature together.

Neil, Patch of the Planet

Neil's worked at Friends of the Earth, The Orchard Project and in local nature-based community organisations. He co-runs the Patch of the Planet academy and our garden design and community projects, he has a diploma in applied permaculture and he runs our tree nursery.

Dina, Patch of the Planet

Dina is our in-house plant encyclopaedia. She has a Diploma in Professional Garden Design, and a Permaculture Design Certificate. She co-runs the Patch of the Planet academy and our garden design and community projects and she runs our art from nature project, Wyld Arts. She has a degree in Life Sciences and worked as a biology teacher.

“Amazing and thought-provoking course to enlighten and educate any keen gardener on the practice of connecting ourselves to nature in our own gardens.”


“Loads of new ideas to take away and apply in our own space. The course allowed individuals to apply their own balance of needs, local nature, wider environment and personal (human) preferences. A great course, recommended to all.”


“Dina and Neil's passion is honestly life-changing. If you love nature and want to expand your knowledge and way of thinking then you will love this course.”


“Great content, so interesting and lots of hand-on-activities which was really lovely. Would definitely recommend!”


“I think the style and teaching was spot-on. I wouldn't change a thing. Didn't want it to end.”


“Amazing course. I'm new to gardening and it's completely opened my mind to new and exciting methods I didn't know existed. ”


Join us in '10 steps to a Nature Garden'

Gain the skills, know-how and confidence to create your own beautiful Nature Garden, on any budget, with any experience, in 10 steps.

  • Step 1: Learn why and how to build and treasure living soil

  • Step 2: Create brilliant nature-based compost and fertilisers

  • Step 3: Understand the needs of wildlife, including Birds, Mammals, Invertebrates, Reptiles and Amphibians

  • Step 4: Create habitat features for birds, butterflies, bees, hedgehogs and more

  • Step 5: Find out why and how to create the best possible pond or water area for wildlife

  • Step 6: Learn the tricks for fantastic, easy-to-manage and diverse lawns, meadows and wildflower areas

  • Step 7: Find out the huge wildlife value of trees and shrubs, how every garden can take at least one tree, what trees are right for your garden, and how to care for them

  • Step 8: Choose flowering plants for nature and beauty, year-round

  • Step 9: Find out tricks and techniques to manage pests and diseases, nature’s way

  • Step 10: Uncover the design techniques and tricks that make a garden look beautiful and work well for you

Download guides e-books, templates and more, all included in the price

Help build nature's networks

Become one of a growing collection of patches of the planet

We see every garden as a patch of the planet and we believe every patch wants to thrive. We've been driven by this idea for decades.

Everybody that takes this course creates another thriving patch and joins a growing network of gardens rich in nature, that work for people and planet.

And that is wonderful.


  • Do I have to complete the course by a certain date?

    No, once you buy the course you have lifetime access to the course videos and materials. Access to the course webinars and any other live course events will end a year after purchase.

  • Will the price definitely go up after the Early-Bird offer?

    Yes, it will go up to the advertised price. We may run other offers in future, but after the Early-Bird price ends, the course will be the full price.

  • Do I need lots of gardening skills?

    No, you don't. Everything we teach is doable by an enthusiastic nature-lover and we show and explain each step. Some of the projects take a bit of energy so you might want an extra hand if you decide to do those ones. We'll always make that clear though.

  • Do I need specialist tools?

    No, common garden and DIY tools will be all you need.

  • Do I need a large budget to make this transformation?

    No, we've designed this course carefully so you can transform your garden for nature on any budget.

  • Does this course apply to anywhere in the world?

    It's designed for the British Isles. Many of the ideas and principles will apply to other temperate areas of North-West Europe, but the best nature gardens are created with an understanding of the local ecology, so if you don't live in the British Isles, we'd recommend you find a course that's focused on the area you live in.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    We love training and we hope you'll love the course. But if it's not right for you for whatever reason then let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund your payment, no questions asked.